Our Values

Bayrak Ambalaj acts in many fields of the plastic industry by using the contemporary technology applied all over the world.

Bayrak Ambalaj makes the required investments in machinery park and software in order to offer the best solution to its customers in the shortest lead time and develops itself day by day by continuously renewing the technology.

It is necessary to use the technology efficiently in order to make faster and cheaper production with higher quality and accordingly to compete in the open market. Having completed its structural formation with this awareness, Bayrak Ambalaj offers services from design to production with the related leading world technologies and its staff in the fields of industrial design, CAD/CAM, rapid prototyping and rapid moulding, engineering and production.

We apply our production, sales and marketing strategies in compliance with the changing customer needs and competition conditions.

We believe that the commercial success of our company is closely related to our extensive determination of customer needs in the market. Our capability is considerable effective to develop the innovative products that can satisfy their needs, and can perform competitive cost-analysis of these products.



Our Mission

The mission of Bayrak Ambalaj is to follow and use the latest technology in the world, satisfy its customers by providing the best products in the shortest time by developing the required new technologies and increase the individual knowledge, talent and cooperation as well.


Our Vision

To follow a design process in a parametric structure in order to implement the changes in the products that we developed and produces in the shortest period of time, meet the special demands and orders received from our customers in a very fast manner. Therefore, we are determined to find out solutions that are competitive and will increase the profitability knowing that there will not be any surprises in the production process and any time and money loss by focusing on the defect-free production.



Address : Yassibag Koyu, Kargaoglu Mevkii, No:4 41050

Phone :

+90 262 367 44 00 (pbx)

Fax :

 +90 262 367 44 05