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Industrial Design

”Design” briefly, means to combine a few or many pieces orderly for a purpose.

Everyone knows the lines on an aspirin tablet that are used if you only want to take half of the tablet. Every product around us definitely has a design although they are not as simple as an Aspirin tablet.

Industrial Design is the whole that consists of an entire industrial product or a piece of it or its various components or features such as the ornaments, lines, shapes, forms, colours, textures, materials on it or flexibility perceived by human senses. The most important factor of a product that leads it to success is the correct design in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

In terms of creation and refinery of the product idea, industrial design is the process in which the product is designed to be useful, desirable for the end user, different, and profitable for the producer. We can state our principles in this process as follows.

• To be the first to put a new product on the market,
• To produce products in a shorter lead time by shortening the design and production process,
• To produce special orders upon customer’s demands,
• To avoid surprises in production by making defect-free designs,
• To make faster production in a shorter period of time,
• To gain competitive power by reducing the costs,

Designing various and remarkable products that lead the market with as design and usage, which makes the end users enjoy to use, functional, aesthetical and producible with many innovative properties, Bayrak Ambalaj has been carrying the excitement of industrial design to new markets by using the experience and knowledge gained since 1990 with its sophisticated technology CNC machines, software and staff of experienced and talented engineers and designers.



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