Bayrak Blow Molding

BAYRAK Ambalaj San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. started its business with cardboard box production and paper marketing in 1980. Since 1990, the company has been producing plastic bottles and plastic jerrican, which have volume from 50 ml. to 35 lt, and their caps. We started to design our products and moulds with computer systems since 2001. We have been making the mould production in our own facilities together with the designing of required products and moulds since 2003.

Milestones of the Bayrak Ambalaj;

• 1980 Started cardboard box production and paper marketing with the establishment of the company.
• 1990 Started the production of plastic bottles, plastic jerrican and their caps.
• 1998 Investment of 5 items blow moulding machines (made by Fisher Co.).
• 2001 Started designing of product and mould in our company.
• 2003 Establishment of mould production workshop.
• 2003 Started construction of new plant.
• 2003 Investment of 3 items blow moulding machines (made by Magic Co.).

Our company has been producing plastic packing and plastic moulds by considering requirements of our customers, which are Akzo, Capparol, Dyo, Saint-Gobain Weber Markem A.Ž., Merbolin, Eskim, Denlaks, Us Kimya, BP, As Gżda (Pakmaya), Müpa Mantar, Assan-Hanil, Deniz Kimya and Hayat Kimya factories. The main activity areas of our customers are generally production of paint, glue, cleaning materials, food, automotive parts, and mineral oil. Owing to requirement of some customers, marketing of cardboard has been still continuing in our company.

Designing of the products and moulds is performed in the “design and mould production workshop” that we established as a department in our company. In that workshop, designing, drawing, and production of the moulds have been performed by available CAD-CAM system. Thus, we are able to design and make the moulds by fast and defect-free because of efficiently usage of CAD-CAM programs and machines.

In addition to them, our company has ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Quality Management System Certificates, “The Registration Certificate for the Material that Contacts with Food” no. 41-03648, dated 04.09.2001 and also “The Certificate for the Production of the Material that Contacts with Food” no. 41-03648-00001-7 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.





Address : Yassibag Koyu, Kargaoglu Mevkii, No:4 41050

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+90 262 367 44 00 (pbx)

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 +90 262 367 44 05