Our Employees

In our factory, we employ a staff of 36 personsof which 7 of them white collar and 29 of them blue collar working at three shift production. The number of our personnel has reached to the current number by gradually decreasing as a result of automation. Our automation efforts are being carried out in order to decrease the number of our personnel more by increasing the cost-efficiency.



The job applications to our company are evaluated according to the interviews and the specifications of the position. All resumes are kept in order to be evaluated for the possible positions in the future. The applicants who are considered to be appropriate for a position are interviewed with the manager of the related department. The manager of the department makes the technical evaluation of the applicant. Our first evaluation clause in recruitment is smoking. We do not employ smoking personnel in our company.



  Job Application

Applications can be made via Internet with the Job Application Form and by filling the printed Job Application
Form or sending resumes via mail, e-mail or fax.


Address : Yassibag Koyu, Kargaoglu Mevkii, No:4 41050

Phone :

+90 262 367 44 00 (pbx)

Fax :

 +90 262 367 44 05