Our Machinery, Hardware and Software

We carry out our activities in three different locations in industrial area of Ýzmit. Furthermore, we have been operating our 3 blow moulding machines as “in-house” in the plant of customer.

The construction of the new factory, which will collect different locations of the activities, with a covered area over 4000 m2 on 9000 m2 land is being continued.

The company has a total of 14 plastic processing machines, which have total plastic moulding capacity 120 ton/month, described as below;

• Machine Capacity: 11 machines (0,05 lt --> 200 lt)
• 3 of them are Demag brand injection moulding machines capacity varying from 60 tons - 400 tons, including bi-injection machine (injecting two components at the same time)
• 11 machines are blow moulding machines, which are classified as: 5 of them are German Fischer brand, 3 of them are Italian Magic brand, and the last 3 machines are home made.
In the production of the moulds, Matsuura vertical machining centers has been using.

The company is the licensed user of “Unigraphics NX3 CAD/CAM/CAE” program together with its mould module. This program is being used in design of products and moulds as well as synchronized mould production.

In addition to them, the company is able to share its designs with customers on-line by means of program called as “Team Center Visualisation”.



Address : Yassibag Koyu, Kargaoglu Mevkii, No:4 41050

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+90 262 367 44 00 (pbx)

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