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Product Development

Product Development is one of the varieties of Bayrak Ambalaj;

Product Development generally involves reduction of manufacturing costs and production time after the formation of the industrial design of the product and at the same time coming to the production stage by increasing the product quality and completing the required engineering studies. Additionally, it involves in using of the flexibility advantage of computer system, which is a necessity for the current system integration.

We do not find enough to manufacture a good quality product and satisfy the customers with the product or service offered. Because, our competitors may supersede and launch a better, cheaper or more different product to the market. Taking this probability into consideration, we continue our studies in order to develop, differentiate, renew and even transform our product into a new one.

To develop a product is to make the physical structure of the product different from its current appearance and function, reduce its costs and increase its quality.

Development progress includes all design stages (part design, assembling, analysis, optimization, etc.). These modifications may be applied in every step of those processes and then reflect to other manufacturing process.

Product Development process:

Industrial Design (CAD)
Virtual Mechanic Design
Engineering, Analysis and Test (CAE)
Rapid Modelling
Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) of the moulds

The number of stages in the above-mentioned list may seem to be more in the software medium. The reason is that many problems such as time loss because of the continuous returns with the previous traditional methods of trial-error and problems that increase the costs are now being solved in the software medium. Thus, the facility provided by the technology is better evaluated and its positive effect directly reflects to the production efficiency.

As a result, product development is a process. A project should be prepared in development stage and all other stages of product improvement should be stated in the project. The project specification should be carried out in project logic. This is considerably effective in reducing the lead-time of the product to the markets.



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