Our Products

The company has been producing plastic bottles and plastic jerrican, which have volume from 50 ml. to 35 lt, and their caps.

The work, which has been presented in the “project chapter”, is works that we compiled for our client. We accomplish the production of these projects in our company with the blow and injection moulding machines. In addition, we can manufacture the products indicated in following page for any customers.

If any customer requires our standard products with his own logo, we can manufacture.

Industrial Buckets

10 Lt, 18Lt., and 20 Lt, as oval buckets

2,5 Lt. und 10 Lt. round bucket


Thinner and Polyasagegroup

1 Lt., 4 Lt. Thinner Box

4 Lt., 500 ml., 1 Lt. Dyo Thinner

250 ml. ve 1000 ml. Polish Bottles

Glue Group

250 ml., 500 ml., 1 Lt., 3,5 Lt. Glue Group

Glue box

Circled Gluebox

Color Tube

200 ml., 50 ml. Color Tubes

350 ml., 800 ml., 600 ml., Color Tubes

Agricultural Group


 750 ml. Agriculture medicine container

Garden treatment container
4 Lt.

Garden treatment container 6 Lt.

Garden treatment container
8 Lt.

Garden treatment container
10 Lt.

Circled Group


35 Lt. Circled Gel Container


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