In all of its four business fields, AUTEFA Solutions is known to the market for innovation and new developments. AUTEFA Solutions is focused on growth and the expansion of its worldwide production sites.

The name AUTEFA Solutions represents companies with a long tradition and a history of years of successful participation in the market. Five machine manufacturers represent the company AUTEFA Solutions. These are AUTEFA in Friedberg (Bavaria, Germany), Austria-based Fehrer in Linz, the Italian companies FOR and OCTIR in Biella and Strahm Hi- Tex in Switzerland. With two subsidiaries AUTEFA Solutions North America and AUTEFA Solutions Wuxi (China) the company is present all around the globe. Since 2011 AUTEFA Solutions is part of China Hi Tech Group Cooperation (CHTC).


For producers of plastic containers AUTEFA Solutions offers several solutions for the container handling between blow moulding and filling or palletizing.

For In-house plants AUTEFA Solutions offers revolutionary buffer solutions between blow moulding and filling. 
Due to the modular design concept of the patented tray loader system which has already been installed at well-known companies all over the world, buffering times from a few minutes up to several days are possible and this with considerably reduced space requirement compared to common installations. By this innovative system differences in production times, efficiencies and operational capacities can be equalized. Thus, a so far unknown flexibility in the production process is made available for the customer. The system handles the product so gentle, that even the lightest light-weight bottles could be stored without any quality losses.

For external container production AUTEFA Solutions developed specialized plastic container Palletizers.
Due to our long-lasting experience, patented solutions for gripping and palletizing almost any possible bottle and plastic container shapes are available. Palletizing empty plastic bottles are combined to a complete layer on a tray without pressure. The bottles are held safely from all sides during this process and fallen bottles are avoided. AUTEFA Solutions supplies complete systems from the blow moulding to the warehouse.


AUTEFA Solutions develops intralogistic solutions for complex requirements in the field of “food & dairy”. 
The key element of these interconnected installation concepts are multi-line and high performance palletizers for central and decentral palletizing tasks (shrinked packs, cartons, trays, plastic containers, bags, cans, barrels etc.) 
By multifunctional, fully automatically adjustable forked gripper heads a large number of client-specific layer patterns can be realized. 
The material flow is visualized by proven software during the entire process. Machine function and process data are clearly displayed at any time.


AUTEFA Solutions provides the complete dry section for filling plants from raw material supply to fully automatic high bay storage systems with integrated transfer of goods to the dispatch area. According to the requirements, high-performance machines having several axes are used for packing, palletizing or stacking. Fully automatically adjustable gripper heads and infeeds streamline the process, amongst others by considerably reduced changeover times.


Based on its long-lasting experience in the field of handling staple fiber bales including logistics, AUTEFA Solutiosn provides sophisticated installation concepts and technically proven stand-alone machines. Thus AUTEFA Solutions provides solutions for all relevant logistic tasks in the non-food sector.

AUTEFA Solutions delivers complete intralogistic systems starting from product collection out of production machines to the commissioning in the dispatch area.

BAYRAK AMBALAJ LTD. is the Turkish representative of AUTEFA Solutions - Automation Division since 2014.