Expertise in mechanical engineering since 1895

Founded in 1895, SOMMER is today a major company for the manufacture and installation of machines and systems being used in a variety of production sectors. The product range reaches from agitators and mixers to steel structures, pipings, structural steelwork, to turnkey plants. SOMMER offers a comprehensive all-round service package that includes everything: initial customer discussions and subsequent design, production and delivery, installation and commissioning, as well as the handling of any peripheral organizational and approval requirements. This all leads to optimum order handling and processing, and to customized solutions for special requirements.

SOMMER - your reliable partner for the production of liquid and pasty products

As leading global producers of production systems, mixers and vessels as well as machines for filling liquid and pasty products, SOMMER and its sister company FEIGE Filling GmbH not only deliver turnkey solutions, but they also provide round-the-clock service with their after-sales departments.

Customized engineering along with a cost-effective program of standard 
components, modules and control systems make SOMMER a highly attractive partner for customers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, building products, paint and lacquer industries.

Machines and systems for agitation and mixing technology

Our motivated employees have been planning and manufacturing individual and customized machines and systems for more than 100 years:

  • Mechanical Engineering
    Dissolvers, mixers, planetary mixers and agitators with outputs of up to 500 kW
  • Apparatus Engineering
    Agitated vessels, storage tanks and pressure vessels of up to 4000 mm in diameter and 100,000 liters volume
  • System Engineering
    Complete production systems as well as mixing systems and tank plants with all required pipings, fittings, pumps and the corresponding steel structure
  • Process Control
    Wiring of system components, automation and visualization of processes, recipe and batch control, link to existing ERP systems
  • Expansion and Modernization
    of existing systems from development and planning all the way to commissioning

As a specialist with many years of experience in agitation and mixing technology, we are in a position to offer our customers process-optimized solutions. Our service range covers everything from draft and approval planning to the manufacture and assembly of the machines or systems.

Our high-quality machinery and systems are mainly used in the paint, lacquer, cleaning agent and adhesive industry, but also in other branches of the industry such as the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and grease sector.