The raw material supplied in granulate form from outside and inside markets is fed to the machine with the systems of automatic loading actuated by vacuum air mounted to the machine. Then, masterbatch is added with the automatic dosage system in the desired quantity to this mixture and so it is provided that the product is coloured.

The raw material electrically melted in the blow moulding machines is discharged by a nozzle in a tube form into an opened mould and air is blown into the tube to form internal shape of the closed mould. The closed mould with the product is cooled with the water-cooling cannels by water. Then the products with the ears are taken out from the mould and then all ears are cleaned automatically at next operation and trimming of the neck is performed simultaneously. In the performing of these stages of the machine and leakage control of the final products are manipulated by PLC system.

Then, labels are attached on the product. Packaged products are send to the warehouse.

In each stage of the blow moulding process, recycling is possible.