In general, we realize production of various plastic injections and blow moulds which our own designs with CAD-CAM system. We think of that our qualifications are sufficient to supply our moulds to European market. Our aim is to supply the moulds, which have same quality with European moulds, cheaper than European producer does.

We realize our mould products using materials with import certification. Great care and low error tolerance, all machine tools under control of computer, CAD-CAM technology and our active stuff.

We are aware of the most important element in production of moulds is to produce long-life moulds at minimum cost. You can not obtain a product with high quality, economic, aesthetic etc., without using high quality moulds. Therefore, we are using the best quality materials that are used in production of mould for plastic materials in the world.

We manufacture all equipments which are necessary to make mould at the same time being used complementary of mould production to be adapted to machine. Especially blow-pin blow moulds and head of blow moulding machine.

We perform the whole designing process of the mould with computer. We work with the most advanced software in designing of the cooling system of the mould and in evaluation of the flowing of the plastic fed inside the mould.